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    Avalanche Entertainment Outdoor Movies

    Atlanta's Outdoor Movie Headquarters with our Inflatable Movie Screens!

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    Outdoor Movie Event"An excellent way to get families together and enjoy an evening of fun and interaction! Nicely done."
    City of Alpharetta

    How An Outdoor Movie Works:

    We come out to your neighborhood lawn, pool or any flat surface (including cul-de-sacs) and set up our GIANT Inflatable Screen alongside a BOOMING sound system!

    Screen Sizes

    20' x 15' - perfect for audiences up to 300 people.

    25' x 20' - perfect for audiences up to 600 people.

    30' x 20' - perfect for audiences up to 800 people.

    Giant Outdoor Movie ScreenTypical Event Time Line:

    • 2 hrs. before: arrive and setup
    • 1 hr. before: all systems are checked and screen up
    • 1/2 hrs. before: music, your sponsors ads, games, etc.
    • 10 min. before: announcements & host greeting
    • Movie begins
    • End of movie, equipment strike.

    Getting Started

    Submit your information to us at our Availability Checker below and we'll get your started! We'll give you a listing of available licensed movies to choose from and the rest is easy.


    Avalanche Entertainment respects all copyright laws. Once you are ready to go with us, we'll make sure the licensing on your movie is taken care of, the right way!


    What time should the movie begin? Our Outdoor Movies are a lot like a regular movie theatre. During the day doesn't work. So, it needs to be sometime near or after dusk. No worries, one the guys at Avalanche Entertainment will have an accurate projection as to when the sun goes down.

    Can Avalanche Entertainment project sponsor ads? Yes. In fact, we can build and produce the sponsor ads for you. Just let us know at least 2 weeks before the event.

    How far must the projector be from the screen? Projection is front or rear projection depending on the location. Typically a large lawn will allow us to set up behind the screen. A pool-side movie may not allow the space. The typical space needed is 25-35 feet from the screen.

    Do you need to drive on our lawn to deliver the equipment? No, we can place the equipment without vehicles, but driving on the lawn greatly speeds up setup.

    Can you project during the daytime? Unfortunately, nothing competes with the sun. Pre-movie projection can begin at dusk, just after sunset. Typically, sponsorship ads can be projected on-screen for at least a half hour before the movies should begin.

    More Tips

    *The Screen must be placed on a level surface (bare ground is fine) at least 25 ft. wide. Stakes will be inside of a 50x50ft area. The one inch thick stakes must be 24 inches into the ground for safety. The location must be free of any aerial or ground obstructions 35 feet high and 30 feet behind the screens. *Headlights from nearby vehicles can be annoying, try to avoid parking situations that will distract from the show.

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