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    National Center For Missing & Exploited Children

    Understanding the AMBER Alert and Code Adam

    Avalanche Entertainment is a proud supporter of the AMBER Alert and Code Adam programs. You may have heard of the AMBER Alert or perhaps seen the Code Adam decal on department stores or other public places, but if you can be more informed it makes programs such as these more effective.

    AMBER AlertAMBER Alert

    The AMBER Alert Program, named for 9-year-old Amber Hagerman, is a voluntary partnership between law-enforcement agencies, broadcasters, and transportation agencies to activate an urgent bulletin in the most serious child-abduction cases. Broadcasters use the Emergency Alert System (EAS) to air a description of the abducted child and suspected abductor. The goal of an AMBER Alert is to instantly galvanize the entire community to assist in the search for and safe recovery of the child.

    See Active AMBER Alerts Now! Click Here.

    Code AdamCode Adam

    Code Adam is a powerful search tool for lost and possibly abducted children currently used in tens of thousands of establishments across the nation. The program is simple to learn and to implement: a special Code Adam alert is issued on the premises when a customer reports a missing child. Offered free of charge to participants, it is one of the country’s largest child-safety programs, created and named in memory of 6-year-old Adam Walsh.

    How It Works - Code Adam decals are posted at the entrance of participating buildings/establishments. Employees of participating establishments are trained to take the following steps when a Code Adam is activated:

    • Obtain a detailed description of the child and what he or she is wearing.
    • Go to the nearest in-house telephone and page “Code Adam,” describing the child’s physical features and clothing. Designated employees immediately stop working and look for the child. Designated employees monitor front entrances to ensure the child does not leave the premises.
    • If the child is not found within 10 minutes, call law enforcement.
    • If the child is found and appears to have been lost and unharmed, reunite the child with the searching family member.
    • If the child is found accompanied by someone other than a parent or legal guardian, make reasonable efforts to delay their departure without putting the child, staff, or visitors at risk. Immediately notify law enforcement and give details about the person accompanying the child.
    • Cancel the Code Adam page after the child is found or law enforcement arrives.

    For more information on the AMBER Alert and Code Adam please visit http://www.ncmec.org/.

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