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    Karaoke has always been popular in Atlanta, but now the karaoke craze has exploded with America's #1 show, American Idol! Restaurants, Clubs and Mom & Dad's everywhere are hosting "Idol" contests with our karaoke equipment. We offer songs from the 50's to today. And best of all, you can hire us to perform and host a karaoke show or simply rent the sound system and music library!

    Show with Host

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    Whether you're a restaurant looking for a weekly 'gig' or a company looking to host a one-time karaoke contest, we have what you're looking for. Choosing Avalanche Entertainment to host your karaoke show includes all equipment (sound system, karaoke library, microphones, sign up sheets, etc.) and an Avalanche Entertainment Personality as your Event Host! Best of all, we'll play music before, during and after the competition to keep the spirits high throughout the entire afternoon or evening. If this sounds like an event you want to have, complete our Availability Checker below and one of our Karaoke Personalities will get you started!



    Should you not need the Karaoke Personality and Host for your event, but do need the equipment and song library, Avalanche offers an affordable rental package for everyone. Simply call us today at (770) 751-0000 ext. 17 and let us know the day you need the equipment and we can either bring it to you and set it up or you can come by our facility. Hint: Picking it up saves you money! Email Us



    kar-a-o-ke n. KAIR-REE-OH-KEE 1. A music entertainment system providing prerecorded accompaniment to popular songs that a performer sings live, usually by following the words on a video screen. 2. The performance of such music.

    What does karaoke mean? Karaoke is a japenese word for "empty orchestra".

    Do you have to be a good singer to perform kararoke? Absolutely not! In fact, over ninety percent of all karaoke singers do not belong in a band, never had a chorus or musical instruction in their life and have the most fun ever! Believe it or not, kararoke will actually help you become a better singer as each time you perform, you're practicing. A lot of people tend to find 3 or 4 of their favorite songs and stick to those until perfected!

    I have stage-fright, how do I overcome this? The best way to overcome this fear is to choose a song you like and begin practicing yourself until you feel comfortable singing that particular song. Build you're confidence and tell yourself that there are a lot of people that will enjoy this performance. Everyone that sang for their first time will tell you they were nervous. But, they'll also tell you once everyone starts clapping and making lots of good noises during your performance that you'll experience a confidence boost like no other!! Karaoke is a very good feeling and the karaoke crowd knows that rule #1 is to always give a round of applause to every performer.

    How does a contest work? There are many ways to host a karaoke contest, but they always end the same way, the best singer(s) win! 1. Best Singer: After every singer has performed and the votes are in, the best singer throughout the entire panel wins! 2. Best Male and Best Female: After every singer has performed and the votes are in, the best male throughout the entire male panel and the best female throughout the entire female panel wins! 3. 1st, 2nd and 3rd: After every singer has performed and the votes are in, the voters have chosen the 1st Best Singer, 2nd Best Singer and 3rd Best Singer to win!

    Who usually votes? This also has a number of different options. 1. If you have an Avalanche Karaoke Personality, you can choose him or her to do the voting. 2. Pre-select 2-4 people in your crowd, but be sure they don't mind not singing in the contest. This way allows you to set up a separate table for the judges!


    If you think you're ready for some fun and exciting karaoke, let us know! Please enter your event or rental date in the Availability Checker below and one of our Karaoke Personalities will be in touch with you shortly!


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