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    Glow Necklaces and Products

    Glow Necklace

    22" Glow Necklace

    Single Colored

    This is a standard grade glow necklace and is comparable in quality to discount or internet glow companies. These glow necklaces are perfect for promotional use and giveaways for any event! The connectors for the glow necklaces are included. Sold in Tubes; 50 Glow Necklaces Per Tube. $30.00


    Tri-Colored Glow Necklace


    This glow necklace is made to very high quality and manufactured by OmniGlow. Different colors available! Choose 'Green/Yellow/Purple' (perfect for Mardi Gras), or 'Red/Green/Blue (for any event) and 'Red/White/Blue' (great for 4th of July Celebrations)! Purchase a tube of 50 glow necklaces today to make your celebration a hit! Sold in Tubes; 50 Glow Necklaces Per Tube. $38.00

    Select Color Scheme


    Rainbow Colored Glow Necklace

    Rainbow Colored

    Our rainbow necklaces are great for many occasions. Unlike many other inferior products, our glow necklaces are 6 mm wide and come with the connectors. Our necklaces will deliver a brighter, longer lasting glow! Sold in Tubes; 50 Glow Necklaces Per Tube. $49.00


    Color Changing Glow Necklace

    Color Changing Glow Necklace

    Our color changing necklaces are great for many occasions. Once activated the necklace will start out as pink, but over an hour this glow necklace will change color fading to purple then will permanently turn blue. All kids love this glow necklace as they play games like 'whose glow necklace changes colors first'! Sold in Tubes; 50 Glow Necklaces Per Tube. $57.00

    Select Color Changes


    Glow Package 01

    Package Specials

    Glow Package 01

    Get ready for a night of fun! This glow package has it all! With all of these products you are sure to have a blast with your friends and family for the best party ever! Package Includes: (50) 22" Tri-Color Necklaces, (25) Assorted 6" Light Sticks, (100) Assorted 8" Bracelets, (50) Assorted 1.5" Light Sticks. $79.00


    Glow Package 02

    Glow Package 02

    Let it Glow, Let it Glow, Let it Glow... This glow package is complete. With this package you'll have all of your friends and family glowing in no time! Package Includes: (100) Assorted 8" Bracelets, (50) Assorted 22" Necklaces, (50) Assorted 4" Light Sticks. $74.00


    Party Package 01

    Party Package 01

    This party package includes some of our more popular party items. This is sure to put a smile on the faces of your party goers! Package Includes: (24) Hawaiian Leis, (72) Peace Sign Necklaces, (36) Mirror Lens Sunglasses, (24) Large Black & White Gangster Hats. $74.00


    Party Package 02

    Party Package 02

    Ready to jam the night away? This package includes all the necessary instruments for you and your band to "raise the roof" off of your event! Package Includes: (12) Black & White Gangster Hats, (12) Black Sunglasses, (12) Light up 6 color LED necklaces, (12) Inflatable Saxophones, (12) 42" Inflatable Guitars, (24) Hawaiin Leis, (12) Inflatable Trumpets. $94.00

    All prices and sales are final. Limited 90 day warranty on all products. Prices subject to change without notice.

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