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    Avalanche Entertainment Credentials

    A Company With Real Credentials

    It's a fact, Avalanche has been chosen by consumers and Fortune 500 companies from around the globe because of our credentials. And more than anything, don't you want to choose a company that you trust? A great company with true credentials will be able to offer you an excellent product at a very fair rate. With this said, read on as to the real reasons you want to hire an entertainment company such as Avalanche.

    Below is a list of our credentials. At this moment, whether you choose us or someone else isn't our goal. Right now is our introduction as to what truly makes Avalanche Entertainment different than any other company you're most likely considering.

    • 5 Years, The Knot, Best of Weddings
    • The wedding industry isn't one where you just throw up an advertisement and begin business. It's one that takes many events, many hours and great service; and after that you've only begun. The wedding industry is quite possibly the biggest referral based gig. With literally thousands of weddings under the Avalanche brand, no matter what type of service we're providing you, it's a good feeling to know that the company you're hiring is one of solid reputation.

    • Best Music & Entertainment, Fox 5
    • Our DJ services won a vote that was chosen by Fox 5 viewers in Atlanta. This is an award that shines an amazing light of truth to the brand we represent.

    • Official Entertainment for Star 94, 790 The Zone, WSB and more
    • Companies such as Lincoln Financial (Star 94) call and rely on Avalanche for listener promotions and events. The event planners and promotion directors of such businesses don't just "google" a dj or casino party service in Atlanta. They work off of referrals. They also work with only companies that have the proper licenses, permits and insurance; including Workers Comp.

    • Full Time Office and Staff
    • Most entertainment companies are nothing more than a cell phone number and an apartment complex. We're not knocking this concept, but if they're a company of many years in the business as they say they are, where's their office?

    • W-2 Employees
    • This is a substantial point in our business that most, and by most we mean over 90 percent, of our competitors can not say they do. Now, when the DJ has packed the dance floor, or the 10 casino tables are set up and everyone's having a blast the fact that people are receiving a 1099 or W-2 isn't going to matter. But, for you it's a point of recognition we want to receive in showing you the character and integrity of the business you're dealing with. It's also a matter of liability; what are you responsible for vs. the company you hired responsible for? Think about it.

    • Workers Compensation
    • As stated above, liability. Did you know that if you hire a company without Workers Comp that you can be responsible for anything that happens to them and their staff? It's true. Event venues are just now becoming aware of this as our goal is to build recognition throughout the industry letting people know that a company without Workers Comp is a company charging you money while putting liability at your risk. This is nothing less than bad business and cheating.

    • General Liability Insurance
    • Don't get this confused with Workers Compensation. This is a liability policy that covers general liablities such as if your DJ (or event host) spills his/her water on the floor and one of your guests slip and fall. Avalanche carries a $5M policy. Plenty of coverage backed with doing the right thing for the client.

    • In Good Standing With All Government Agencies
    • Do you want to give your money to a company that doesn't pay taxes? Or perhaps a company that isn't in good standing with the Department of Labor? Avalanche Entertainment is a debt free enterprise with the IRS, DOL and has no open claims, lawsuits or cases. We are a company driven by excellence.

    • Criminal Background Checks On Staff
    • If you're planning an event and it happens to be at your house, isn't it comforting to know that the person arriving for the site-visit has a clean criminal background? Isn't it nice to know that your DJ wasn't arrested for a DUI or drug possesion 3 years ago? At Avalanche, it's just the way we do things.

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